2012 Was A Violent Year for Police in NY

The New York Times is reporting that last year had more shots fired by police officers in more than a decade. On top of this 16 people were killed by NYPD officers; 30 more were shot; dogs were shot at 24 times; 13 officers were shot (no deaths); and officers were killed by their own firearms.

This said, for a city of millions, it doesn’t seem all that bad even though the individual cases are surely tragic within themselves. The numbers for 2013 are going to be ¬†interesting for the city because it is the last year ‘stop and frisk’ policies will be implemented by police officers. This was a controversial policy used against primarily African American males under the age of 25 the last few years and mainly ended up costing the city money for arrests made for petty crimes like marijuana even though white males are most likely to be armed within the city.

If the numbers related to violence drop, those in favor of the ‘stop and frisk’ policies to be ended will point to their opinion, while if they increase, those for the policies will point to their direction. Should be interesting to see.. It will be an interesting year.


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