Rob Ford Is Insane

I’ve written about mayors that are arrogant, have an addiction to crack-cocaine, and still somehow end up to keep positions of power before (Mayor Barry) but Rob Ford has seemingly one-uped him. They both even have managed to have videos of their intake of crack surfing around (the Rob Ford one hasn’t surfaced but many sources say that his people got a hold of it first) but Rob Ford officially has a video of him going crazy during a council meeting in Toronto. The meeting, of course, was to decide what limitations of power would be applied to Mayor Ford but after he literally went after one of the members, he could be looking at much more than limitations.

From the video, it doesn’t look like he was going to hit anyone but he did manage to yell and scream and then force through council member, knocking her to the ground as many jumped to help her out and separate Rob Ford from her. That is bad enough if you ask me..

Regardless, the Toronto news channel’s anchors were commenting the entire time and while all of this unfolded, they seemed pretty horrified. I can’t get over how bad this video looks.


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