Fox Incognito Interview

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Fox Sports’ interview with Richie Incognito today. It featured Jay Glazier obviously giving premeditated questions to Incognito about the racism and bullying that supposedly occurred within the Miami Dolphin’s locker room. For one, Incognito has a personal and business relationship with Glazer, the ‘journalist’ interviewing him, which supposedly stems from MMA lessons that Glazer used to give him.

Of over a thousand text messages sent from Jonathon Martin (the player bullied) to Incognito that Jay Glazer had access to, this is what he chose to show on national television: “wassup man? lol the world’s gone crazy” and “Yeah I’m good. Its insane bro, just know I don’t blame you guys. Its just the whole culture around football and the locker room that got to me”. Sounds a little selective in favor of Incognito to me but who knows what the terms were for Incognito to even give the interview in the first place. Regardless, this interview offered nothing to gain for the public other than a very publicly controlled side to Richie’s story.


Boy Almost Expelled For Halloween Ideas

An Arizona boy’s father pulled him from school last week after the principal brought him into a meeting to discuss his son’s Halloween idea’s which supposedly nothing other than ideas for costumes that the 8 year old boy wanted to wear. You can see the drawings here and obviously they are nothing out of the realm of what you expect any boy to draw. Yeah, there is a gun but to boys, guns are cool and it is perfectly normal to assume that any of the video games hes played or movies that he has watched gave him the motivation (they were probably made for him anyway).

Regardless of this typical, innocent drawing that you would see from a kid, the principal threatened the boy’s parents with expulsion and was apparently ‘outraged’. I’m pretty sure that if I was the boy’s father I wouldn’t be too excited about having a principal like that either. I’m glad I didn’t grow up in these times where gun control and violence among our children are so controversial because I used to draw the craziest, violence-motivated battle scenes an elementary school student could imagine as a kid and I was also proud of them. I think the media is going to overwhelmingly back the father on this one, otherwise I won’t have much faith left for our main-stream media outlets anymore.

Redsox Riots

The fact that American sports fans have the potential to go borderline crazy when it comes to sports is no surprise whether its fans fighting (or killing) each other at football games, fights breaking out at little league baseball games or your standard binge drinking at tailgating parties that happen at virtually every NFL game every Sunday. The killings and fighting are often isolated, but alcohol consumption at sporting events isn’t so much and it seems that riots happening on the streets of Boston are not so much either. Back in 2004, when Boston won their first title in 86 years, riots ensued on the streets surrounding their beloved baseball field prompting riot teams to shoot bean bags into the crowd resulting in the death of a college student.

This time around, the Redsox won their first World Series at home in more than 90 something plus years and the usual drunken idiots flocked to the streets, flipping cars and dancing on top of them. Only a handful of people were arrested the night of the riot but I’m sure the number will grow because people were carelessly flaunting and posing themselves on top of the cars they just toppled for cameras (which are all over local and national media). They even managed to flip someone’s car over with someone still inside of it; if your the driver and you luckily didn’t get injured in the actual flipping of the car itself, how scared would you be to crawl out of the window of the car to be greeted by your fellow psycho path Boston fans? I don’t really get the reasoning behind destroying your city after you just witnessed its sporting accomplishment. This also happened in Vancouver a couple year ago when their hockey team lost but at least they had something to be angry about.

Over-the-Top Holloween Decorations


A lot of what kids see relating to Halloween on television, through costumes and decorations is bound to be at least a little scary for them depending on what age they are and no matter what age they are, they are going to see something gory or graphic unless you look them in the house during trick-or-treating. I don’t think kids should be sheltered from this exposure because its part of the fun of what the holiday is, to get scared with your friends and family. This said, home owners especially have a responsibility to decide how over-the-top scary they make their decorations knowing that kindergartners and elementary schoolers are going to walking around the premises of their home. Unfortunately, in New York City, one home owner decide to ignore this and make his home look as disturbing as humanly possible and seemingly wanted to win some type of reward for the efforts.

The home owner, Joyce Draganosky, decided to make the theme of her decoration mutilated baby dolls being surgically operated on by a pumpkin, monster doctor type of character, murdered babies with knifes stuck in their heads, and baby dolls hanging from trees and locked into chairs also waiting to be tortured. I know baby dolls are just plastic objects but the butchering of them might have more of an impact in a child’s eyes. I always thought Halloween was supposed to be for the children; whatever enjoyment this adult gets from the doll holocaust set up isn’t worth ruining their holiday even for five minutes.

12 Year Old Hacks Candian Govt.

A weird story coming out of Canada details a 12 year old boy appearing in court for successfully managing to hack Montreal’s plice website, a Chilean government website and the Quebec Institute of public health. Apparently the boy was not only hacking these sites (what boy would just do it for fun?) but making money in the mean time. The information he was selling amounted to about $60,000 in damage according to the prosecutor and boy himself said that he traded some of the information for ‘video games’. What a joke. A while back another Canadian hacker (15 years of age) managed to cause damage in the millions for hacking and he was forced to serve 8 months in youth detention center. I am not sure how hacking can result in millions of dollars of damage but regardless the 15 year old was offered jobs in cyber security shortly there after.

These boys are so young that I don’t think this really serves as any real threat to their well being in the future unless they get caught doing something of the same nature again, especially after they turn 18. Hopefully this experience helps the twelve realize that he is messing with some serious stuff and it only helps him in the future like the 15 year old was able to use it to his advantage. Above all, the Candian Gov. should be way more concerned on how a 12 year managed to get into their system. Maybe older hackers realized what they were doing was way too risky but it is still extremely embarrassing for whatever security is in charge of guarding these websites.

Social Media Punishes Rapist

In mid-October, a story out of a Missouri small town surfaced because of an alleged rape on a 14 year old girl committed by 17 year old football player at her high school. The Kansas City Star reported that the girl had obvious marks and scarring typical of rape cases and that the girl was left (blacked out drunk) in the front yard of her house while the weather was very cold. Making this terrible situation even worse, the town backed their beloved football team and accused the girl of being a drunken ‘slut’ that favorable had sex with the athlete. Conveniently for the the football player, his grandfather was the district attorney on his case and was the one that was able to make the decision on whether not the rape charges would be dropped. Unsurprisingly the charges were in fact dropped and the teenager, along with her single mother, received threatening phone calls and online messages to the point were they felt it was no longer safe for them to live in the town anymore.

The internet can be a cruel and hostile world but at least the athlete involved with this rape was able to get a dose of after Gawker published an article on the story. I hadn’t read or heard of the story until recently but on Oct. 15 I not only read the article but also the commenting section where readers provide feedback and other relevant information (Gawker does a really nice job at giving the opportunity for readers to provide information/insight and the authors themselves are very active in the reader commenting section). The top two comments from readers are 1.) a link to the rapist’s Facebook page 2.) A picture of the douche bag himself. Within two hours of the article being released the rapist deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts, presumably after hundreds of people harassed him to the point where he knew he was in a bad situation. He’s in college now, he better have a good excuse/lie for why he vanished from social networking out of the blue.

NASA Has New Spaceship That Goes Far

I’m not rocket scientist but in the news lately, NASA has been making the claim that they have a spaceship capable of going out into space where it was previously unheard of. The Orion is their latest project and according to NASA, they are in the final year of a program that is preparing for a launch. This new ship is said to be capable of traveling far enough to reach an asteroid, Mars, and possibly even farther. It seems they are still a lot of work and milestones away from getting to that point because launch could really mean anything. I’m not even positive that they aren’t just hoping the thing won’t blow up but their comments seem confident more than anything else that this is actually possible.

I wasn’t aware that NASA even had the money to take on such an ambitious program given the Obama cuts due for 2014 that were made famous these last couple of years. This isn’t a life changing story at the moment but its still promising given everything that is going on in our economy. Lockhead Martin has its own space program that is working with NASA so it makes me wonder how much of a contribution they are capable of giving and what would or wouldn’t be possible without them.