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Google Earth Image of Murdered 14 Year Old

A California father has gone to his state’s media outlets after he says Google failed to remove an image of his dead son’s body. Google takes countless numbers of photographs because they literally have the ambition of putting our entire world’s imagery online. This said, it isn’t surprising that there are various anomalies, surprises and unintentional images caught in the process, I just didn’t expect that murder scenes would be one of them. Its pretty easy to bash Google and say something along the lines of, ‘how did this get online?’ but when you consider their overwhelming amount of photographic data, it isn’t if they can proof every single close up image of a random land mass.

Google say’s that they are working on this predicament now and that normally don’t accelerate the changing of their satellite’s imagery upon request but I’d say this is a pretty reason is to do so. The father himself said the photo “brings back memories” and when you look at it, while it isn’t graphic, its obviously a body recovery scene. You see a couple of police cars, people standing near them (cops), and off in the distance, a pretty chilling figure or silhouette of a body isolated on its own. I’m not going to speculate if the father was looking up Google imagery of the scene where his body was found or if someone let him know of its existence but it doesn’t seem as if he is going to forget about it anytime soon now that it is a story of national and local media.