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DNA Test Doesn’t Favor White Supremacist

Here is a pretty crazy video showing the reaction of a white supremacist finding out he is 14% black on what seems to be some sort of talk show in Europe. To make matters worse for him, the hosts are black and completely (and deservedly) embarrass him, saying phrases like ‘congratulations my brother’ and giving him a high five which actually reluctantly did. The funny part is that he looks like a typical European American but apparently he under estimated biology and the diversity of society.

If I was a white supremacist, I don’t see how I could end up in that situation. Also, if I was so obsessed with race and whatnot, wouldn’t you think that type of person would take the time to research and understand that more goes into family roots than just the color of your skin? I guess hes so blinded with hate that he never even bothered. Regardless of his enlightening news I’m sure he’s finding some crazy way to spin it in his head that he is still purely white.