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North Korea Executions

North Korea is a pretty surreal place when you think about what we have here in America. Recently, a nationwide execution was practiced throughout North Korea throughout several towns and cities. Over 80 citizens of the country were shot down by gunfire because of offenses consisting of the viewing of ‘propaganda’ against the country and prostitution. All of the executions reportedly happened on the same day and one of them consisted of a hand full of prisoners sentenced to death by firing squad in front of a crowd 10,000.

Apparently, Western reality television shows like Desperate Housewives are popular in the capitalistic South Korea and have unsurprisingly found their way into even the harshest communist climates like North Korea. The North regime is seemingly paranoid of any thought process from their citizens that may involve questioning and access to the outside world apparently is a catalyst. Between the ghostly highways and dreadful labor camps that have been reported from around the globe by various media outlets, it isn’t hard to see that people could have been suffering but the mass murder of a country’s own citizens is hard to read.